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Heres how it works, its simple. You choose a package you want, pay and your in! Get all my plays in the nfl or college, no bs of holding back or upselling. My releases you can unload on, and  you can always add other services to your account at anytime or give me, Jeff Smith a call at 877-711-4745 Heres how I roll, spend countless hours handicapping, perfecting and using my soon to be patented Famous 99 System, Give out my picks to all my clients here at my site, and document all picks 15 minutes after game start live!

  Jeff Smith NFL Full Season Package $400.00

Here's a great offer from Jeff Smith .

52-32-1 the last 5 years in Pre Season. Its documented.   The last 2 years have been to say the least,   6-6-1 last year  You get a full refund when he doesn't make you money.   

pay 400.00 for the whole season, from pre season all the way up to and including the SUPER BOWL

You play the picks, exactly how we post them.

You don't need to play a 50 unit game. all of Jeff's plays are 1-10 UNITS

You play all the picks at 50.00 per unit.

If you don't double you're money-----------you'll win at least 800.00 for the year

We'll refund you're 400.00

Even if you win 799.00, you get a 400.00 refund.  We guarantee that you will win 16 units.

Here's an example

Jeff has a 4 unit play-------- 4 units x 50.00 =200  A win and you're up 200.00

Jeff has a 4unit play----------4 units x 50.00=200  A loss means you lose 200.00 plus 20.00 for the vig, or the commission

So a win is + 4 UNITS

and a loss is -4.4 units


Think about this, who do you want to trust you're money with.   A  capper that doesn't show his picks when the game goes off, a service that doesn't keep documented records. A capper that boasts about all the contests he's won that no one has ever heard of.

OR  A handicapper that posts all his plays 15 minutes after they start. A sports company that keeps accurate records on all sports. A capper that shows you the prize money posted on a site.

Sign up today.                   

  Jeff Smiths monthly NFL Package pre season $120.00

Jeff's NFL monthly  package gives you all the plays that fit his FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM plays. You get 3-5 high percentage plays each week. This includes any Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Monday night games that fall into his system. You get Jeff's highly rated game of the week. His qualifying Game of the month. His plays are rated between 1-5 units for the pre season.. We document all plays that our handicappers make. We post every pick, 15 minutes after each game starts in real time. You have to ask yourself. Jeff Smith has been handicapping the NFL for 30 years, you won't find this value from a championship handicapper anywhere else. Join Jeff and get the action and share the profit.  

  Jeff Smiths CFB yearly package $200.00

This is Jeff Smith's year long CFB package, 200.00. This is best deal on the internet. Every pick Jeff makes for the entire ncaaf year, every week, Bowl games included. You do the math. Jeff has started out on fire this year . This year hes back with more formulas geared to fit his FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM. You'll get 4-5 high percentage plays each week. Our games are rated on a unit scale of 1-10, with 50.00 per unit.  The games of the week are rated at 6-7 units. Only the best of the best are rated higher. Join us in sharing the cash. 

  Jeff Smiths CFB monthly package $75.00

Jeff Smith's month of college football picks, every ncaaf pick Jeff makes you'll have access to. Not just the average games, you'll get the Game of the Week, every week. You'll get the best high percentage picks. You've seen the success I've had with my FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM, this year I've added some extra filters and formulas to the mix. I rate my games on a unit on 1-10, at 50.00 per unit. You'll 4-5 high percentage picks each week. I don't post games just to post them, every pick is personal to me. Join the action, lets grab the cash.


Jeff Smith


  Jeff Smiths FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM PICK for the entire year $450.00

Jeffs FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM PLAYS.  All of his Famous 99 System plays for the year 39.00 each week

  Jeffs week 1 FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM PLAYs $39.00

Week 12 picks 4-5 picks




  Free Sports Picks $0.00

Get Free Picks In Football and we will show you how good we really are at the sport we love. Sign up now, win right now.

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