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Free Sports Picks

World champion has a nice ring to it, and me, Jeff Smith and my handicappers are offering for a limited time free sports picks in college and pro football. These plays you can hammer, they arent watered down. I want to show you I can win, its no cost so give me a call toll free 877-711-4745 and ill get you lon the right side of the game you want to watch.

NFL and also college football is what we thrive at. Using the patented Famous 99 System we go over so many aspects of the game for you, so when a pick is released you can be sure it will cover. Our free nfl picks provide you, a potential client a great way to grab some cash and use it to pay me for alot more plays. Think about it, why win with 1 game when you can sit back, watch n win building your football bankroll using our sports picks. Save the time and headache of trying to figure out the impossible ncaa and nfl matchups, we have already done it for you.

The difference is we cover games documented, those other guys all talk a good game, while they are we crunch our system numbers and go over everything. Thats why im in the LV Hilton and several other NFL Handicapping Contests each season. We never lose sight the only thing that matters is covering the spread. We play the same games, and honestly, I hate not collecting on every game I release. Call me Jeff Smith directly  for your free play or grab our weekly package, you'll have access instantly for this weeks games.

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