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XNFL    12-8           +3.65
CFB      61-50-3.    +14.75
NFL       54-51--3    +2.50

2017 NFLX PRESEASON  9-13-2 -8.25

CFB  61-73-3 -35.34  UNITS

NFL  63-57-4 + 12.20 UNITS


2018 NFLX  13-12-1 - 1.95 UNITS 

2018. CFB    63-67-2. - 13.05 UNITS 

2018 NFL.  57-57-3. - 4.50 UNITS 

FAMOUS  99 SYSTEM PLAYS   9-8-13.60 

2109 NFLX   12-15 - 4.65. UNITS 

CFB  45-45 + 1.80 UNITS

NFL  58-61-2.  - 40.95 UNITS

FAMOUS 99 SYSTEM   10-14

2020 CFB 47-38-3 + +8.45 UNITS

NFL  61-63-3  -40.00 UNITS 


2021 NFLX   7-9  + 0.18 UNITS

CFB  57-58-2  --7.80 UNITS

NFL 64-56-1. +0.65 UNITS


2022 NFLX  9-5 + 8.15  UNITS

CFB  57-47-1 + 10.60 UNITS

NFL  63-45-4 + 25.30 UNITS


2023 NFLX   7-3 + 7.40 UNITS

2023 CFB  38-51 -43.90  UNITS

2023 NFL  53-53-6. -1.95 UNITS



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